Alana is from the South Coast of NSW but grew up all over the place. She attended UOW and graduated with distinction in 2015 with a Bachelors and Masters in Politics.

A shoulder injury changed the path of her life by landing her in an Osteopathic clinic as a patient. Fascinated, curious and taken by the patient-centred approach to healthcare, Alana ultimately took the plunge to study Osteopathy.

In the process of losing nearly 50 kilograms, Alana has found a love and appreciation for movement and the mysterious complexities of the human body. She aims to make health and recovery achievable for her patients through a multimodal approach to treatment with the person at the core.

Alana is delighted to be in Sydney working in the ‘best clinic in the country’, and enjoying all that urban living and Osteopathy can offer.

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