Women's health

Osteopaths have been treating women's health at Central Sydney Osteopathy for more than three decades. They can help with a range of issues including PMS, endometriosis, period pain, incontinence, conception pregnancy and post birth recovery. The care on offer aims to normalise the strains in the structures of the body that influence the mechanics of the pelvis making it stable, symmetrical, adaptable and mobile.

Many of the patients at CSO are trying to conceive, or are negotiating their pregnancy, and go on to receive post natal care.

For those women, Osteopathy has much to offer all the stages of making a new life. Osteopaths will align the pelvis and lumbar spine to reduce pressure and congestion within the pelvic organs to facilitate conception. Once pregnant, we will continue to keep that body dynamic and mobile as that baby grows and your belly expands. We want your baby to have optimal movement within that space and for mum to have optimal mobility as she makes that new life carrying the extra blood volume and weight.

Your osteopath will ensure the pelvic joints are responsive and able to expand and separate symmetrically as the pregnancy grows and during the actual birth to reduce perineal tearing and mal-alignment.


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