Getting Older

Getting older is such a gift and something that is celebrated here at Central Sydney Osteopathy.

It’s a miracle that we humans can stand erect and balance and move on two legs, even as youngsters. Keeping upright as we age is even more miraculous, as we need to keep our centre of gravity pretty much where it should be. Instead of slumping forward because of a dicky back, we all need to keep the leg, abdominal and low back muscles responsive and strong and the spine flexible upright and appropriately aligned.  This becomes more and more challenging as we age.

Getting older is made easier at Central Sydney Osteopathy. To ensure a great quality of life in our later years, osteopathy aims to keep you feeling and BEING your best.

There’s no avoiding getting older, and anyway the alternative isn’t much good. So how do we maintain our health as we age? We keep moving, we keep connected to our community, we stay useful with a reason to get up each morning, we eat real food, and we enjoy the healthy pleasures of life. We don’t do anything to excess.

The role of an osteopath is to enable patients to keep moving and be active. Many elderly patients have said that this care keeps them going; they enjoy a monthly ‘tune up’ from an osteopath, as well as a regular massage. This keeps feet, knees, hips and spines and necks aligned and mobile and pain free. Breathing is better, sleep is better. The good food, connections and activity are left to you to manage!


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