Sports Injuries & Fractures

Here at CSO, we believe exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. However, by its very nature, exercise and sport can cause injuries.

Sports Injuries & Fractures

Whether it be a fracture, spasmed muscle, or a sprained and twisted joint, the osteopath you see at the Inner West’s Central Sydney Osteopathy will take the time to offer you all the attention your injury needs. That may include getting an X-ray, which an osteopath can order for you.

When you injure yourself, it’s not just that one area that is injured. For example, if you twist and break your ankle and fall, your lower leg, knee, hip and pelvis will necessarily be badly strained. If you fall on your shoulder, your ribs, neck and spine will take a direct hit but so too will the pelvis and low back. You hit the ground with your whole body, not just the bit that snapped and gets all the attention!

So a great osteopath will always attend to the areas around the injury, as well as the injury itself.Osteopaths understand that any injury is a whole body injury. The body is one cohesive unit and all of that one unit needs attention following trauma.

As well, you can’t just strap up and confine a strained or broken joint and hope it returns to its correct alignment as the fractured bone or torn ligament heals. The joint has been disrupted to the extent that it broke bone and tore ligaments, so we need to return the mechanics of that joint to its optimal alignment to permit optimal healing and function. That’s logical, sensible an and effective best practice, and that’s how good osteopaths are able to help people recover quickly after severe injury.

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