Pre & post surgery

All surgery is invasive and causes contraction. Our job at Central Sydney Osteopathy is to reduce that contraction to help you get a great result from your surgery.

We recommend waiting 10 days before coming to see us post surgery. The physical integrity of your body has been breached by the scalpel and it needs to regain that integrity with rest, rest and more rest.

Once you’ve allowed your body this time to recover, we’ll be on hand to assist your recovery and help your body adjust to its newly improved area and undo the damage caused by lengthy positioning of the operating theatre.

Any surgery is a trauma to the body, and the way the musculoskeletal system responds to trauma is to contract. So while you may be advised to recover using exercise and and activity, we like our patients post operatively to take the time to have those tissues relaxed, joints realigned, and tensions normalised so you can get out and do some gentle exercise.

Imagine the strain put on the whole lower limb by a hip replacement, or the strain on the ribs and chest by a shoulder reconstruction. This pales in comparison to the strain imposed on each and every rib and the thoracic spine following open heart surgery, where the chest is opened like a sardine can. Even a thyroid operation changes the tension throughout the cervical spine and the fascia of the head.

So we suggest that after surgery, about 10 days post op, that you attend for a gentle resolution of those strains... then you can get going again!


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