At CSO we have been providing quality osteopathy treatments to Central Sydney for over three decades. Osteopathy is a system of manual medicine which aims to improve health, function and well-being by removal of the mechanical dysfunctions, fascial strain patterns and movement restrictions which are part of illness and poor function, and which can hinder a return to good health.

These mechanical restrictions make your body mechanically and physiologically inefficient - you are sore and always tired, with reduced quality of both your activity and your rest, and you have a drastically reduced enjoyment of life.

Osteopathy is a system of manual medicine which aims to improve the function of your body by normalising the mechanical relationships of its structure.

Osteopathic treatment always focuses on the four main foundation principles:

  • The body is capable of self healing and health maintenance,
  • The body is a unit of mind, body and spirit
  • Structure and function are interrelated, and
  • Effective treatment is based upon these principles.

Using manual techniques, osteopaths aim to influence the joints, blood flow, vessels, cavities and organs of the body to improve your overall body function and therefore improve and maintain your health.

People come to see us at CSO because they are in pain and have been unable to find relief. Someone cared enough to make the recommendation.

We will treat your painful and immobile neck, ribs, lack, hips, knees ankles, elbows, wrists, period pain, poor breathing, sinusitis, headaches, jaw clenching - whatever, we will treat the pain and attempt to resolve the dysfunction. We will not over treat, over charge or tell you lies.
Osteopaths have completed a double degree at university and are registered with AHPRA.

At Central Sydney Osteopathy we have been able to help people seeking resolution for the mechanical strains that accompany many illnesses and injuries.


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