Stiofan, originally from the UK, is an osteopath and Western acupuncture practitioner who has lived in Sydney since 2010. He graduated from the London School of Osteopathy in 2001. In 2003 he completed the British Medical Acupuncture Society’s training in Western medical acupuncture and subsequently courses in electro-acupuncture, palliative care and women’s health. He continued his education while living in New Zealand completing post graduate degrees in acupuncture and rehabilitation. Throughout his career he has been active in healthcare regulation and clinical education.

He is particularly interested in:

  • Complex pain conditions such as post stroke pain, headache, atypical facial pain & TMJ dysfunction
  • Occupational and sports injuries / overuse & postural strain patterns
  • Pre-habilitation / post-surgical rehabilitation for joint replacement surgery in older patients with osteoarthritis
  • Patients with chronic disease/ long term conditions
  • Stress management and mindfulness

Stiofan treats under the SIRA scheme (NSW WorkCover & Motor Vehicle Accident), DVA patients and Medicare Chronic Disease Management referrals from GPs.

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