Central Sydney Osteopathy specialises in various forms of massage in the Petersham and Central Sydney area.

Massage Services

For those located near Petersham (previously Stanmore) and the Central Sydney area, we offer a range of therapies including remedial massage, pregnancy massage, myo-fascial release and craniosacral therapy.

We encourage our clients to utilise this effective technique to relieve pain, discomfort and everyday stresses on a regular basis! Massage therapy will not only reduce muscle tension, increase joint mobility and improve posture, it will also make you feel amazing!

Massage therapists at CSO are trained to the highest standards. You will enjoy a great relaxing massage experience and effective and safe care in a nurturing space.

They deliver remedial, sports, pregnancy, post-natal, rehabilitation, Chinese, and Thai style massage, and are particularly delighted to assist elderly people and those with chronic diseases.

Is massage actually good for you? Well, recent Australian research shows it does.

But you don’t need academics to tell you how good you feel. Try it yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions frequently asked about Massage

Massage at CSO is one hour long, but you can have longer, usually 90 minutes, if you can grab the last session of the day.

If you are taking anti coagulants, have a tendency to develop blood clots, or have osteoporosis, or bone cancer, we need to know before the massage. Your therapist will adapt the treatment to suit and help you.

Remedial massage aims to relieve muscle aches and joint restriction, and is very anatomically based. You massage therapist will examine the area of pain and reduce tension in that place and all the anatomically connected areas. Thai and Chinese massage are part of traditional medicine, using the knowledge gained over thousands of years of philosophy and practice. They both aim to reduce sickness and improve health. Of course they also relieve pain and tightness as part of their traditional medicine practice.

Low back pain is definitely related to strains of the lower limbs, starting at the feet and ankles and moving y upwards through the leg muscles, the joints of the pelvis and sacrum and into the low back and thoracic cage, even the shoulders. To resolve pain, and regain mobility, all these areas need to be massaged and mobilised.

Of course we do! You’ll also get advice on your gym practice or sports technique, as well as some supportive exercises and stretches.

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Massage Practitioners

  • Bing Wu

    Bing Wu

    • Massage Therapist
    • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Nora Chen

    Nora Chen

    • Massage Therapist
    • Remedial Massage Therapist
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Tania Park

    Tania Park

    • Massage Therapist
    • Remedial Massage Therapist
    • Traditional Thai Massage Therapist

Other Services

At CSO we provide a wide range of services besides Massages, you can view them below.