Here at Central Sydney Osteopathy, we've been providing quality acupuncture services to Sydney's Inner West for decades. We believe that according to Chinese medicine theory, the body’s Qi (or energy) flows through the body along specific pathways (meridians) and connects the body’s tissues with internal organs. Imbalances in this energy such as blockage or weakness can cause pain, disease, or a range of different symptoms. Your acupuncture consultation includes a careful and detailed assessment so that your treatment will consist of a specific set of points along these meridians, stimulated to promote a clear flow of energy which leads to better health and will also aim to treat underlying energy imbalances so recurrence is less likely.

Acupuncture also offers maintenance treatment for chronic disorders to promote a more comfortable way of living. It can be used as a form of preventative medicine because energy imbalances can be treated before disease manifests. Additionally, acupuncture can assist with back and neck pain, women's health, tension headaches and migraines and much more. 

To find out more about acupuncture and the services we offer at Central Sydney Osteopathy, please contact us or read further here.


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