Central Sydney Osteopathy has safely and effectively helped tens of thousands of people from all over Australia since 1989.

We are the leading Osteopathy and allied therapy clinic in Sydney.

Practitioners at CSO are proud to offer premium allied health care in osteopathic medicine, chiropractic, remedial massage, acupuncture & traditional chinese herbal medicine.

We know that for every people of all ages and all stripes, movement and mobility are key to a healthy, active life, a life that can reach its potential.

By choosing to make an appointment with one of our practitioners, you are taking that first step to gaining a better understanding of what ails you, what can be done to alleviate your pain or problem, and what we hope to be able to do to help you get well, and stay well.

The vast majority of our patients come because someone cares for them enough to recommend they see us for help. It is a privilege, and we are really proud and grateful, to have such a good reputation. After all these years, we still love our work, and continue to be amazed and thrilled by the potential for a healthy body and outlook that resides, sometimes hidden, in every person who comes to see us. While we ask you to stick to the plan we offer you, to keep appointments and consider our recommendations, such as in nutrition, we will not exploit, over charge, over treat or deceive you. We don't need to - we're pretty sure the results of our care will speak for us.

There is so much self serving misinformation about health and well-being being thrown at us, no one knows what or who to believe. Well, we suggest that results are the only meaningful measure of good medicine. We don't think good health is so hard to achieve. Hopefully, we can help you Get Well Soon!


CSO is proud to support these charities: