Enjoying a massage in here at CSO can be one of the most effective ways to relieve daily stresses and to relax. Massage therapy can reduce muscle tension, increase joint mobility and improve posture. 

The massage therapists at Central Sydney Osteopathy offer a range of therapies, including remedial massage, pregnancy massage, fascial release and craniosacral therapy. 

Contact us or read further to find out more about our range of massage therapies.  

Remedial Massage  

The team at Central Sydney Osteopathy includes the best remedial massage therapist in Sydney, Bing Wu (well that's what the Sydney Morning Herald says!). 

Others say Clare is the best, others Carl, or Rufus... each to her/his own! 

Bing Wu, Clare Brennan, Carl Lortz, Rufus Herman and Sharon Bryant each have their own distinctive style but have in common a commitment to highly skilled, comprehensive, sensitive, appropriate and intelligent care in a professional clinical environment. 

Of course you can claim massage therapy on your private health care insurance. It is also covered by Workers’ Compensation and MAA insurance, when referred by a GP. 

Massage therapy is available by appointment. (Just a heads up - we really respect the dedication our masseurs demonstrate by working out of hours, so we don't offer any discounts for out of hours appointments.) Contact us today. 

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a non-invasive massage therapy that relieves pressure of the head, neck and back. Massage therapists use gentle pressure on the skull, neck and upper back to relieve the stress and pain caused by conditions such as compression and poor posture. 

Craniosacral therapy in Sydney is a great way to relieve underlying tension, soothe pain and enhance your body’s ability to heal. It works well when combined with other massage treatments, and has been shown to treat conditions such as: 

  • Migraines and headaches 
  • Insomnia 
  • Neck pain 
  • Anxiety and depression 
  • Difficult pregnancies 

The team at Central Sydney Osteopathy can help you determine which treatments are right for you. Contact us to book your craniosacral therapy in Sydney today.