Modern scientific medicine, Osteopathy and chiropractic work well together. At Central Sydney Osteopathy we embrace all medical care - surgery, rehabilitation, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, public health initiatives, radiology, and immunisation, when these interventions are required and appropriate. There is no such thing as alternative, or complementary, or orthodox, medicine - there is only effective medicine and ineffective medicine. As responsible practitioners we will always refer you for care to other effective modalities, when required. Unfortunately, Osteopathy and other allied health modalities do not receive public funding of research through the NHMRC, such as that offered to medicine, so very little high quality research is done into these cost effective (and low profit) modalities. In Britain however, research has recommended that Osteopathy be included in the NHS since it has been found to be effective in the management of back pain. We suggest you ask around to see what our patients say about the results of their treatment at CSO.