The Federal and State governments have assessed osteopathy and chiropractic and health related massage therapy as essential services. Our job is to treat back, neck and general musculoskeletal injuries, and to keep people out of GP rooms and emergency departments. During any COVID shutdown, now or in the future, we will continue to offer care.

We know that factors that lead to adverse outcomes of this infection include heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

A mobile, dynamic thorax - the spine, ribs, sternum and all the muscles and fascia attached to that region - reduces mechanical strain and pressure on the lungs, heart, cardiovascular system, diaphragm, spleen and the whole hydraulic system that is the human body.

It's not the virus alone that kills people; it's the pneumonia caused by a storm of white cells infiltrating the lungs that causes the pneumonia. Our treatment aim is to keep your lymphatic system draining that infiltration efficiently, and to keep your chest and lungs and diaphragm functioning optimally to moderate your body's reaction to the virus and to assist you to last longer than the infection. This applies to COVID as well as influenza and any pneumonia.

So as long as your CSO osteopath or chiropractor or massage therapist feels safe to work, stays well, has no history of contact with infected persons, no symptoms of COVID19 infection and no high temperature, that practitioner will continue to see those patients who require care.

Of course we will follow all the necessary protocols to keep our clinic well sanitised and safe for practitioners, staff and patients.

Please do not attend if you or members of your immediate circle have recently returned from overseas and have not self isolated for 14 days, or are feeling unwell, have a temperature over 37.5, a headache, shortness of breath, a dry cough and /or sore throat.

We will require you on arrival to have your temperature taken using our touch free forehead thermometer. If you are febrile, we will ask you to immediately leave the premises and seek advice from the local COVID19 testing centre at RPA Hospital in Missenden Rd Camperdown, or the drive through in Summer Hill.

We sanitise the reception area, our bathroom and all our rooms. In our treatment rooms we sanitise the benches, pens, chairs and even laptops after use. We have hand sanitiser in each room and at reception and we ask you to use it. All our linen is used only once before being washed.

We are very strong supporters of all the Public Health measures that have been imposed by the Australian government and we look forward to that time when everything gets back to normal and the whole world can breathe a healthy sigh of relief. In the meantime we will continue to be of service to our patients.