What makes us different?

Central Sydney Osteopathy offers a comprehensive range of osteopathic, chiropractic and allied therapies. Grounded in best practice in all fields of healthcare and medicine, our healthcare is delivered by highly trained practitioners who pay careful attention to you and your needs.

AHPRA requires all registered practitioners to work safety and effectively, and we believe that we meet AHPRA's requirements.

The vast majority of our patients have come to us on the recommendation of a friend, having been to see many many practitioners of all stripes, beforehand, but to little advantage. What do we do differently?  

Well, firstly, we spend a lot of time with you, listening, assessing, treating. There is more money to be made with short, frequent treatments, but the results are poor. We choose instead to be proud of our efforts and results.

Every one of our patients is examined, understood and treated from the old fashioned, time consuming, holistic osteopathic philosophy. For example, we ALWAYS treat the pelvis, because that's where the centre of gravity of the body is, and any dysfunction or imbalance will be apparent. There is no benefit in treating any part of the body if the pelvis is twisted, and the joints under abnormal shear and immobile. Once the pelvis is made to be at once stable and adaptable, the rest of the structure can be treated with an expectation of a good outcome.

Secondly, we each continue to be thrilled by the results that we see. Seriously, honestly, the results of the application of osteopathic philosophy and logic still surprise us, even though, theoretically, anatomically, philosophically, we know we should have expect them.

There are many things we can't fix. But we can address the mechanical dysfunction and inflammation which precedes, enables and sustains the disease state, and we believe, based on decades of experience, that our care positively can influence the body's response to disease.

Lastly, we all really enjoy our work;  we know it's been great luck, and a privilege, to have been able to be members of our various professions.