Our Fees

Why are we cheaper than other Osteopathy clinics?

Because we want to be affordable. Sure, there is the old adage that the more you pay the better the treatment, and we know that many people charge very high fees to pretend that they're the best ... but that's simply not true.

We just don't need to do that.

CSO is the oldest osteopathy clinic in central Sydney. We are pretty confident that you'll get optimal care from us, care that's affordable. We think that we charge fairly, and don't want to see people excluded from having treatment because they can't afford it.

Osteopathy & Chiropractic

Consultation (40 minutes) $120





Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbal consult (initial) $80

Herbal consult (follow up) $70

We encourage those with very painful, debilitating or long term conditions to speak to their GP about eligibility for a referral under the Chronic Disease management scheme (it used to be called an EPC), for which you can receive a substantial subsidy for 5 treatments each calendar year from an osteopath or chiropractor.

All our services are covered by private health insurance, Workers' Compensation, Compulsory Third Party and in Victoria, TAC insurance.

We offer some discounts, to pensioners, health care card holders and children under 16,  (and if its your birthday!) but the discounts are not applicable on weekends or outside of normal business hours.